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India is a land of sacrifices where many great people and devotes sacrificed their life to save old culture, religion and tradition. In past time there were many attacks on this land, but these great people gave every seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, to this land and never cared of their life. They treated this land as their motherland. It is a land where diversity originates, where success found and where the heart of people is bigger than mountains.

            Most importantly, India has given me the features to become a morally ethical human being. Here I understood the real meaning and importance of life. The culture and customs that most Indians adhere with today have a substantial impact on me as well. Significantly, the value I have learned is the moral perspective of what is right and what is wrong. I have also learned from this motherland that if money is loss than nothing is loss, but if character is loss than everything is loss. Person is creator of his own character, so we should develop our character without stain.  

        India, just articulating the word, evokes a feeling of enlightenment. The significance of the people and of the culture it holds is even more valuable than the world’s precious diamonds. The diversities of this beautiful country vary from state to state. A poor man can be found on the roads in India smiling because of the love and affection that develops within the society. The hearts of people this motherland are so big that through any grave or vital mistake, Indian people always forgive people because of their kindness. I am proud of my Indian heritage because this is what keeps me together with my people. These are the qualities that make India and the people of India relevant to me.

        I have received enough information to truly identify and know my country. There are so many names: Hindustan, Bharat, India… Name of this country as ‘Bharat’ mentioned in Rig Veda, which is oldest Veda of this World. The information that I know of India will guide me further to discover the more magical moments that survive within this beautiful country. The festivals and holidays that I celebrate can complement the knowledge that I have established toward my country. Here I also gain knowledge about  diversity of cloths, fairs, festivals, food, languages, etc. in India and I also noticed that here people live together with happiness and brotherhood after diversity in every field. I learnt her the religious and cultural importance which cleared the path of my life and satisfied my aim, that is to serve people, society and nation. It gives me incentive to learn even more about my motherland.

           In every school of this country every children take oath to protect their motherland. They take this oath-

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud on it.

I will try to be worthy of it.

I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.

My happiness is in the welfare of people.


Every student of this land take this kind of oath to cultivate good thoughts in their minds and know their correct path of life. Every Indian respect National Song and National Anthem with heart and soul. Indians made their motherland as their soul.


           My relationship with my country is one of a mother. As a mother is to her child, India is to me. This motherland gave me shelter, food and a best surrounding to live, which cultivated a healthy mind, healthy thoughts and thinking in me. It is a bond of love, of admiration, of appreciation, and most importantly, of patriotism.

        Patriotism is not just love for one’s country; it is loyalty for and devotion to the principles and values that is linked within the country. It is also being true to oneself, because the first and foremost relationship in this world is the relation that a man develops with himself and with his country.


        The future of India will bring more developments that will take the world by astonishment. In future there will be a thought revolution that will change bad and selfish thoughts and thinking of people which will bring a Monolithic India again. I am also affected by this. I have so much proud to be an Indian and I am feeling very lucky to born on this motherland and became part of this land which not loved me less than my own mother. The future progressions will be more important and will hold more value to the world. This land is the mother of land of whole world because right knowledge will spread from this land in the world and show a right path of life to the world.


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