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Do you feel proud to be an Indian?

There is so much to being an Indian that one can never be proud enough. Unity in diversity is how any school kid would start. But there is so much more to it than the face value. The variety in languages, cultures, life styles, cuisines, climatic conditions, scenic beauties, architecture, traditions and even the great expanse itself. The underlying roots & ethics that all of us live by, even if subconsciously. Our respect for elders, teachers, family, food, jobs, parenthood, festivals, seasons, harvests, success are all the values that the West has been trying to ape for more than a decade now. Our great history, heritage and level of acceptance that has tested time over centuries. One of the oldest civilizations, the golden bird, who has always had an enormous heart. Be it the Aryans, Iranis, Mughals, Portuguese, British or even the Americans, we have always accepted all, with arms wide open. The proof being, the large numbers that stayed back and made this country their home instead of going back after the invasion. Whereas, our country is perhaps the only country in the world, that hasnt invaded any other.

But one could say, All that is all what either God or your ancestors have given to you. The liveliness, spirit, vibrancy, colourfulness, hospitality could be one of the answer then.

It is not only our great achievers, in fields more than many, but also the common people that strive to make it better, day by day. There are already enough mentions about our great discoveries, inventions, Spices, Arts & Craft, technological genius, Software, Management, Media, Film, Advertising, Medicine, Finance (Chanakya) Fashion, Manufacturing Industry, Textiles, Agriculture, Self Reliability, Spirituality.

Can there be any other place in the entire world that has even half of all that we have? Doubtful.

Yes, there are the flaws. But who doesnt have any?

Before pointing fingers, have we ever considered our own innocence though? Can even one Indian that cribs about the flaws, swear that he/she hasnt ever stolen (piracy/copying/lied their way through), littered, bribed their way through, missed elections, blindly followed hearsay that corrupt politicians/media/others spread, broken traffic or other regulations? Isnt that pretty much all that we crib about? How organized are we personally or even professionally is what the question should be, before any of these people even start talking about India.

Sad as it is, the same people seem to do all right once they step off shores.

We are perhaps the only country in the world that has always been respected, in spite of our political or economic status.

We are a country that has always moved with the times. The ever developing, ever evolving, the ever spirited and the forever warm motherland - my India, our India.

In conclusion, can we just say that considering it’s only been sixty years since we got independent and the fact that India is a 'developing country'-theres a LOT to be proud of? I'd say! Ponder on...S m i l e

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