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Proud to be an Indian

India is the country with the biggest and most successful democracy in the world. Ours is one of the earliest civilizations in the world, with unparalleled contributions to literature and philosophy such as the Vedas, Gita, Mahabharata and Ramayana. India is a land of diverse cultures, languages and traditions which co-exist peacefully and have a single nationalistic identity. We are a country that has produced many scientists, philosophers, writers, artists such as Tagore, Ramanujan, Mother Teresa and so on. Our countrymen successfully overthrew the British empire through the novel, non-violent Ahimsa movement started by Gandhiji. In terms of scientific and technological achievements, India has contributed vastly to the growth of the Information and Technology industry worldwide. From data processing, the Indian IT sector is moving up the value chain to software development and beyond. India has one of the world’s largest pools of trained scientific personnel. It is also a significant player in the Pharmaceutical industry worldwide and ahead of many developed nations in space and missile technology. India is only the fifth nation behind Russia, the USA, Japan and China to launch a lunar mission. We are blessed with the best Nature has to offer like the mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, rivers, wildlife and birdlife etc. The Indians are culturally vibrant, diverse and hospitable people. To begin to understand India, one must understand its diversity. There are 22 official languages and over 1600 dialects spoken. Nearly 650 different recognized tribes live across the country. Keeping this cultural diversity alive is part of the challenge ahead, especially given the ever-increasing lure of westernization. If one travels around India the person will realize that language, dress, food, facial features are excitingly different between regions. Most visitors to India would also agree that the people are hospitable and open their homes and hearts to foreigners quickly. Ironically, most foreigners identify Indian cuisine with curry. With its original Aryan and Dravidian cultures, churned by the influence of visitors and invaders from Central Asia and Europe, food habits and cuisines have evolved over the centuries in India. The end result is a variety of tasty cuisines, some region specific, others influenced by the availability of certain ingredients; and yet others evolving from religions. Among the finest institutions this country has produced are the Indian Armed Forces. It is the world’s third largest standing army comprising over 1.1 million men in uniform. This institution is non- political and professional in its approach. Its values are largely intact. It is also a symbol of the secular nature of the country as people from all over come together to make this organization. Despite the many pressures of globalization and westernization, the Indian family unit still survives, especially in the rural areas. In the cities, families have become more nuclear with the younger ones moving out in search of a better life. It is not unusual for unmarried, earning young adults to live with the parents. Conversely, parents are usually expected to stay with their children during their twilight years. Single parenting is still uncommon. Everyone in India wants their progeny to have as good an education as they can afford. So whether it is a humble daily wage earner whose son is in a municipal school or a son of the country’s rich and famous being educated at Oxford, the desire to provide the best education is evident. There are so many opportunities to obtain higher education. Many foreign students are studying in various universities of our country. There is something in the Indian cultural milieu that makes a person accept his lot. He finds it easy to come to terms with reality even while he dreams of a better life for himself and his children. The Indian woman is the loving wife, doting mother, the well-groomed, highly articulate, multi-task woman, balancing her home and professional life in a remarkable manner. The feeling of brotherhood, compassion, concern for others makes an Indian stand apart from others. Ours is a country of committed, dedicated and God-fearing people who think of others before their own families. I am and will always feel proud to be an Indian.

                                                                                ------Dr. Anjali Dewan

                                                                                      St. Bede’s College


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